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Hello Forum

I came to U.S at the age of 21 about 13years back in 2001 on B1/B2 immediately after both my parents passed away. A year later I changed my status to F1 and graduated from some U.S university. Currently on H1B visa as direct employee. Never been to India since 2001. I am the only child born to my parents. We always lived in a rented apartment in Chennai. So I do not have any address in India. I do have relatives in different states of India. However, relations with relatives haven't been healthy/fresh with an orphan like me who lives in U.S for so long.

It is really frustrating that H1B is for only 6 years and takes about 10+ years under EB3 category for U.S green card. I feel to apply for Canadian Immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker program. One of the requirements for Canadian immigration application is to provide a Police Clearance Certificate[PCC] for all countries lived.

My question is what should I write as my permanent address in India on the PCC form when I really do not have any address in India for the past 13 or 14 years?

Thank you for reading my post and much appreciate for any help in finding the answer for my real question that I am facing to move on with my life.

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