F1 visa with OPT Extension application


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Hi there,


My opt extension has been pending for 80days, still under intial review..here is my question, my company is an e-verifyed company, HR give me the everify number and the offer letter, my title is internship. but she told me she didnt create an E-verify case for me in the everify system cuz I am an unpaid intern now, and she gave me a link on uscis to explain the reason.(goo.gl/u76r71). I have been in this company for 3 monthes, and I will get the pay from next month. so the HR may enroll me in the everify system in next month..


my school do not have a paid requirement on OPT Extension application, and as I know, uscis seems also approve unpaid intern for opt extension.but I just afraid, since our HR didnt create a E-verify case for me now, can uscis get my employment information in E-verify system? if not, does uscis will consider me as an intern automatically and grant me the extension? or I need prepare some documents to explain this situation? any experience on this topic plz share..Thanks

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