Two Companies processing H1 Transfer concurrently


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Hello Everyone,

I am in a dilemma, I needed some advise.

- I am currently working in Company A, which holds my H1-B visa. I have tendered my resignation in Company A. My last working day is end of next week in Company A.

- I have got an opportunity in Company B, which has filed for my LCA and visa transfer. I am joining Company B on the basis that we wil receive a receipt before the last day at Company A

- I have got another offer from Company C, which I am very intent on joining.

Considering that I accept the offer at Company C

Q1) Is it ok, that two companies (B and C) can apply for my H1 Transfer at the same time?
Q2) During this transfer period, should I extend my notice period in Company A to maintain my status?

Kindly advise.

Thank you

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