H1B approved at chennai with Pending DWI Case in Texas


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Hi Guys,


I got a DWI after a work christmas party (Do NOT drink and drive - Life Lesson Learnt)


Anyways following is the timeline of events:


DWI - 12/20/13
1st Hearing - May 12th, 2014
2nd Hearing - June 30th, 2014
Case Status - Pending

Got permission from the judge to travel out of the country


Flew to India on May 28th
Visa Date - May 30th,2014, got the white 221g form

Went to Apollo heart center in Chennai for the required Check up and psychiatric evaluation - May 31st
Apollo got back to the consulate on June 3rd, they will send the report directly
Travel Docs reached out to me on June 10th asking to submit passport
Visa Was issued on June 13th and I collected it at the OFC
Flew out the same day aPort of Entry was Dallas - June 14th
Detained and Verified at the immigration services, got in with no issues whatsoever.
I know its a pain and there are a lot of confusing details out there, but everything went smooth for me, but it does take a toll on your trip mentally. My advise is to be prepared with all the documents - related to court/arres and ask your attorney questions. Carry a lot of business cards. Do NOT get stressed, do your to do's and have fun in India, things will happen. Also book a one way from here and then book your return as soon as you get your visa.
Good Luck guys and please don't let this affect your personal/professional life. WE will all be OK!
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