Visitor visa interview not from home country


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Can we attend visiting US visa interview from non home country ? Does this increase chances of rejection ? If rejected now, can it increase risk for future stamping ?


Recently graduated from MBBS in India (home country) and now visiting my father in Saudi. Saudi visiting visa valid for only 3 months. Me and my dad wanted to visit US to participate in my mother 1 year death anniversary as my sisters are here. Currently I am preparing for exams and my dad is a doctor in Saudi. Please give your suggestions.

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In general, you need to understand the rules and policy for acceptance of third country national's visa application from the respective U.S. Consulate or Embassy website where you intend to apply. One should note that some consulates and embassy does not entertain third country national visa application unless s/he is either a citizen or lawful resident of that country. Even if you are allowed to appear for the visa interview, there are potential risks involved and you should discuss this with an experienced and competent immigration attorney. If you need further assistance in this matter, please feel free to consult with one of the Attorneys at Murthy Immigration Services Private Limited in Chennai, India. More information is available on

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