H1b PP more than 15 days


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Hi guys! Need your opinion on this situation.

- H1b for the first time

- lawyer filed I129 on June 18th, california center 

- USCIS received it on June 19th, the same day lawyer emailed me receipt number.

- checks for 1,225$ and 325$ were deducted on June 27th

- starting from June 19th till this day (July 3d) online status shows "acceptance" and never changed


So, if count correctly today (July 3d) is the 15th day on my premium processing, there is almost 4.30pm (eastern time zone) and there is no decision yet - still shows "acceptance". Big weekend is coming and it's understandable that if it doesn't come today, it won't come till Monday. 


I'm a little bit worry right now (hope you guys understand me) because cannot understand what is going on and why it goes beyond 15-day cycle.


I would really appreciate any input about this situation. Thank you!




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Are you paying your Visa application fees ? It is obvious that you did.


You may get audited. I am sure USCIS can trace the source of the funds if you have written a cheque from your bank account.


Not everybody does the right thing but please be ready for consequences (if any) but I hope for none.

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