RFE on I140-Education Evaluation --Need Inputs


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I got I140 RFE and they are asking evidence as below... I have B.Com and MCA degrees so we applied under EB2. My attorney only submitted MCA Convocation certificate not individual semester wise transcripts while filling. Can anybody guide me what is the best approach to clear this RFE. If need do i need to evalute my eduction with any firms, if so suggest me best firm to evaluate my degrees to show that I am eligible under EB2. One more, my previous employer refused to provide detailed experience letter so suggest what is the best approach for this?

A copy of beneficiary's official academic record, showing that beneficiary has US advanced degree (or a foreign equivalent degree); date of attendance,area of concentration of study and date beneficiary received the degree. Please also submit a complete copy of the beneficiary's transcripts to show major are of study;
A copy of beneficiary's official academic record showing that beneficiary has US baccalaureate degree (or foreign equivalent degree) and evidence in the form of letters from current or former employers showing that beneficiary has at least five year sof progressive post-baccalaureate experience int he specialty. The emplyer must issue the letter of experience on official letterhead and must list the employer's name and address, date, signer's name and title and a description of the beneficiary's experience including dates of employment and specific duties.

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