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Hi Gurus,


I am very new to the consulting. 


I got a offer from direct client vendor to work on hourly w2 and he will transfer my H1B and will run my payroll.


My client is very good and hence I want to go ahead with this direct vendor. But I dont understand meaning of hourly w2 correctly. Hence seeking help from Gurus to guide me. 


I have few questions - 


1. Hourly employee is different than full time employee? I assume yes. Full time\permanent employee will get paid throughout the year irrespective of being working on project or not. But hourly employee will get paid only for the hours worked. No leaves, no consideration of national holidays, no medical etc. 


2. Who will pay taxes?


3. H1B employer can work on hourly W2 or not? Any difference between salary slips for w2 or hourly w2?


I am really getting confused.


I have full time offer with low salary and hourly w2 offer with good rate. Please help me to choose.


Thanks in advance.



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You are an employee like everybody else. You just get paid for the hours to work only.

But, on H1, with hourly pay, you need to get paid for 40 hours per week, even if you work less. That's the law, and it is why hourly pay doesn't really make sense on H1.

Make sure the employer's HR department knows of this role.

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