Am I eligible for EB2 with different subject from working area?

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I notice that you still didn't disclose that you are obviously a lawyer or paralegal or in a similar capacity.

Things like "We've seen many cases approved easily with DOL" or "have seen like 20-30 recently done" are giveaways.

It is obvious that if you work for a lawyer, that lawyer must be rather shady, if he doesn't have his own forum and you have to troll on a forum from the competition.

It is also very obvious, e.g., from this thread: that you don't seem qualified for the work you apparently do. I as a lay person obviously know more about these things than you do.

I suggest you find another line of work, more suited to your capabilities. Immigration stuff isn't your strong suit.

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You may not be eligible to apply for GC in EB2 because even if your job requires you to have a masters degree in the related field, you will NOT satisfy that criteria.


Unfortunately, USCIS does not recognize certifications or diplomas equivalent to graduate/post graduate degrees.

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