Two alien numbers for I-140s and PD is current


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HI ,



I have two I-140 approvals . one in EB3 and second is EB2. but both have different Alien numbers. 


My I-485 Alien match with my I-140 EB3 Alien number.


But, My new I-140 EB2 has approved with different new Alien number.


One year back, I sent all documents to USCIS office for porting my I-485 based on new I-140 approved.


Now, My PD is current as per new I-140 approval. But I didn't get GC approval as well as no REF.


So , My Question is.. Is different Alien number of I_140 create problem to approve GC.





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The A# is essentially a database index. Some documents could be filed under one number, and some documents under the other. So, this can cause delays. Eventually, USCIS consolidates cases with multiple A#s, but there is no saying when that may happen.

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Hi Belle,


My new I-140( EB2) was approved in 2012.


My PD was current in 2013 , at that time  I sent all copies of I-482 ,I-140 ( EB2 ) approval, & I-140(EB3) approval and request them to approve my I-485 based on I-140(Eb2) approval.


I got reply back from USCIS like due PD retrogesses they were unable to assign GC to me & requested me please followup as soon as PD become current.



Now, PD become current then I raised service request to approve my I-485 based on I-140(EB2) and went to local office to get more details about it. local USCIS officer noticed that it may be because of different Alien numbers in my I-485 & I-140(Eb2). and he raised one more service request to approve my I-485 


But , no luck yet.



Thank you,






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Hi Belle,


10 months back , I sent written letter with all supporting documents to approve my I-485 using my I-140(Eb2) approval.


10 days back, I went to USCIS local office to get confirmation about my written letter. at that time , Office noticed that both have different alien numbers and he raised request to approval I-485 based on I-140(Eb2) approval.

But he said that if different alien numbers are issue then USCIS will send letter to me/my lawyer , But we didn't receive any thing yet .


Thank you,


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