Unused Approved Petition Seeking answers


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Dear Admins/Members,


Please assist in my below query!


My H1b visa got stamped in 2010 and I have a valid H1 B approved petition. Apart from H1, I do have b1/b1 which was stamped on my passport for 10 years. Since I have not travelled on H1 once and my petition and visa stamping is going to expire in another 6 months. So my questions are --


1) Will the post expiration of my petition can I apply for my H1 transfer through another employer?


2) Will it be covered under cap exempt since it was never used ?


3) If yes Once I travel on new petition (transfer) will I be under the 6 year cap period ?


4) Does the count begins once I enter in US on H1 B or ist when the petition was approved.


5) What happens if I travel on B1/B2 will the immigration officer puts a REF on my H1 ?


6) One of my relative is filling for my F1 visa should I go for stamping? Since I already have 2 visas stamped on my passport ?


Thanking you in advance for your valuable time!



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