Successful H1-Extn Stamping in Jamaica


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Hello Everyone,


This is my extn stamping, recently I had it  couple of months back.


My Case: Employer-Client Relation. Working for Same since 3+ yrs.


My Interview was on 06/24 at 10:30am , reached consulate at 9:45 they let me in.


After security check and ten prints sat down some time, then stood in the line for interview.


Me: Good Morning, How are you doing?

VO: VGM, I am fine n urself?

VO: asked for PP, I-797.

Me: Gave.

VO: You were Here Recently in April?

Me: Yes, was here for my first H1, its my Extn Now.

VO: Can I have your Prev I-797?

Me: Yes.

VO: Looked at it, guess he was comparing things from old to new one. Any changes in these?

Me: Yes Dates are new.

VO: R u working for same employer and Client?

Me: Yes, no Changes from Last time.

VO:  how long have you planned in Jamaica?

Me: About three days, leaving on Friday.

VO: Come and collect it on Thursday afternoon.

Me: Picked the Slip from him, Thank You very much, Have a good day.

VO: You too.


I did not open a single document, file was just carried in and out. be confident and answer the Question which makes it simple to clear.


Please don't elaborate answers without asking, which creates complexity in questions.

Answer in pretty simple way, to keep it smooth.


I told earlier even,  Guys Please be Prepared for the Worst scenario, this is not to scare you but warn those who are planning. be Positive and Confident.


Cab Driver Numbers:

876-355-6870 - Luiz, whatsapp this num and ask for the ride from airport. It costs $25 to any place from airport.

Other accommodation details:


Email her prior you Plan, its $50/night safe and very Nice place newly built.


For Girls: Plan at Knutsford or Liguanea Club for Safe trip.


Good Luck to Everyone and be Safe.


Thanks Again to Murthy forums.

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