H4 extension/stamping after h1b cap exempt is approved


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Am on h1b visa stamped for a company A which is valid till Jan 2015 and my wife's h4 is also valid through the same period. Recently I switched company and the company B had applied for my transfer and h4 extension and both denied due to some incorrect filling. Later they applied for a cap exempt h1b petition for me and it got approved till jun 2015. As per my new employers request I reentered united states and got a new i94 valid till jun 2015 whiley wofw stays with the old stamp and i94 from my employer A, but they haven't expires yet.

Now my question is,

* Is her stay valid till her i94 expires on Jan 2015 which we got through the old employer?

* if yws to the previous question , then can she go to India for visa stamping using my new petition which will have 8 months validity at that time.

Please let me know about this. Thanks.

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