H1B extension Pending-With Due Date Close By


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   I really appreciate any of your valuable inputs/suggestions.


I am pregnant right now and my due date is in 2nd week of August.


My contract with my client was till May and after that they extended it only for 2 months which is till end of July as I will be gone on vacation from August 1st on wards due to delivery.


My H1 B got expired on Jun 20 2014.

When my Employer applied for an extension, I got an RFE asking about the SOW.

as my client gave the SOW only till July 31st.


Now my employer wants to respond to the RFE to extend my H1B only till July 31st and they would like to terminate me after that.


My question is:

 Can the employer terminate me 2 weeks before the due date?

 Can I still apply for State (California) state disability benefits, as I paid taxes during the year?


What would be an ideal way to handle a situation like this?


Thank you in advance for all your time and help.



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