Impact on GC process ? (continuing on L1is better switching to H1)


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Hi Friends,


I am currently in US on I-94 (with expired L1b visa). The I-94 is due for expiration on sep 1st 2014. - This is my first trip to us and would be completing 3 years on 1st sep 2014.


My H1b for this year has been picked up in lottery.

My GC was initiated in EB2 category, and currently I140 is approved.


What are my chances of staying in US after 1st sep 2014?


My employer says that they are going to apply for L1 extension at around Aug 3rd week, and it would take at least 2 to 3 months to get the decision. And either way, I can continue to stay after 1st oct (assuming H1 petition gets approved).


Please advise if this is a good approach.



Assuming good, what if my L1 extension gets through.

In the view of GC procession, what is good? (continuing on L1 ext or switching to H1) or no impact.


Please advise.



Prashanth Reddy


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