I - 485 procedure for my wife

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My immigration petition got approved under EB1A category. I am now supposed to submit my I-485 paperwork. However, I am planning to get married in 2nd week of July and thinking of filing I-485 for her along with my application. Currently, she is residing in India and will not be able to come to USA for next two years to live here since she is in the middle of her education. I have a few questions regarding this: 

1.Will I have to file for both of us at the same time or just mine initially? (I will be returning to USA in the 4th week of July.). 

2. Do I have to apply for her EAD too? 

3. What are the forms that she has to fill as far as US embassy in India is concerned? 

4. How long will it take for her GC to be approved? 

5. After my wife getting the green card, will she need to be travelling to USA once every six month? Or she can finish her two year course back in India and can come afterwards.

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