H1B visa stamping after transferring to new employer after completion of six years


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Hi All, 


I was working for company A, and company B applied GC based on future employment and PERM (December 2013) and I140  (in March 2014) got approved which was applied by Company B. and I have joined the company B (March 2014) end of my sixth year H1B and  visa transferred successfully with three year extension to employer B, now I wanted to go for stamping, so my question is if the visa officer finds that I have transferred my visa at the end of sixth year how is it possible??


my answer would be, based on the GC process, then Visa officer might ask when did your employer B applied for GC PERM (Priority date April 2013), then any chances of 221G or visa rejects? Or what is the best way to address these kinds of questions? 


Any inputs/ suggestions would certainly help in answering logically and accurate as per the H1B and GC policies..


Thank in advance 

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