H4b spouse - stamping and travel advise


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Hi Team,


Below is my case, Please advise.


I am in 1st year of my h1b visa with employer A. And my visa is valid till end of Sep 2014. I recently got an offer from Employer B and they are about to file for "h1b transfer" with uscis in premium case. My wife has h4b stamping from Employer A. But now she is in India and hence I could not file for transfer jointly with employer B for me and my wife as she is not in USA at present.


My question here is about my wife's visa and travel.


1) Do I need to apply visa for her with new employer? If so, when can I apply (after getting approval notice from employer B ?)

2) Does she have to go for visa stamping interview in india again ? or can use drop box facility at VFS?

2) And when can she travel to usa? Does she need to wait until I join the new employer ? Can she travel prior to my joining date with employer B, but after approval and stamping?




3) Is it advisable to travel with stamping from Employer A ? What are the chances that my current employer (A) revoke mine, and my wife's visa ?

4) How long does it take to revoke my visa current h1b petition from employer A? I heard it usually takes a month to get it revoked? Is it true?


Please advise




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