I-140 and marriage

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I have an approved I-140 with priority date June 2011.

I hope this might get current by the end of this year.


I have a question.

Currently I am single and looking for a bride who could be most likely from India.

I don't know when I will get married.


If the priority date becomes current before that, what are my options.


Is there a way I can apply the I-485 and pause the process later till I get married.


Please advise.

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Yes, I have but not a quite lot. But there is a big chance that I could get married to someone who doesn't have a US visa, at the time of marriage. 

In that case, what is the right time to apply for I-485?

The system seems flawed that a temporary visa holder can bring his spouse easily but a green card holder has to go through a lot of waiting.

And there is no sign that the rules will change any time soon.


What do you guys advise?


Should I go through the I-485 if priority date becomes current?

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US immigration laws often seem inconsistent.  You apparently have not met your future wife as yet so there is little reason to worry and plan for what is a non-event. She can always apply for H1B if she is qualified and you can schedule your wedding around those dates.

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