Under which Visa Can I apply Job for Biomedical Service Engg

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We recently got married, Myself I am working on H1b in United States. My husband decided to move to USA for job.I searched online a lot and could not find an answer how to apply job as a biomedical service engg.He tired online but they are asking social security and legal status which he does not have.


He is having B1/B2 visa which he uses for training purposes. Does he come under H1b Category. I heard there is a different visa for medical category. He also deals with emergency care equipment. 


Could any please provide how to apply work permit for him and are there any consulting firms like IT for biomedical in USA who can sponsor the visa.


Any help would be really helpful.


Thank You,


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To practice as a consultant in engineering required professional registration or a very specific employer supervision requirement of the employee.  Therefore, it is very difficult to be hired into a situation similar to that available to IT workers.


The different category you are thinking about is not under the quota.  Only an institution hiring him could tell whether that are inside or outside the quota.

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