L1B Extension denied Valid i-94 H1B to start from Oct 2014


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Hi Everyone,


My L1B Extension was denied recently and after having a look at the denial notice, my attorney suggested that I can work here in USA as I have a valid i-94 (till May 2016). I have filed for H1B (through a different employer) and my application was picked up in the random selection process. The following are my queries


a) Is it legal to work here in USA inspite of my extension being denied ? (I have never heard of someone continuing to work in US inspite of their extension being denied).


b) Assuming my current stay and working in US is legal, will there be a problem while getting my H1B stamping when I go out of USA ? ( I have to go out of USA sometime in Mid 2015)


c) Do you think that the Visa officers are knowledgable enough to have a look at my Denial Notice and my current i-94 to deduce that my stay over here in USA is legal.


d) Are my denial notice and my current i-94 good enough or do I need any additional documentation to prove that my stay in US was legal inspite of my xtension being denied ?


e) If my extension is denied and I have to leave USA, how may days do I have to leave the country? I read somewhere that I have approximately 1 month time to leave USA. Is that correct ?

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