H1B Visa transfer and GC process after long vacation


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I am an Indian citizen and currently working in Company A, who is holding my H1B Visa and processing my GC.  I have got I-140 approved. Six years cap is over with my H1B Visa, but I have got another 3 years extension based on I-140 approval. My VISA expiration date is June 2015.


Now I am considering pursuing MBA in UK. Since sabbatical vacation is not an option, I need to resign my current company. I have a few questions for my situation.

  1. If I resign to my current company, do they cancel my VISA and GC process?
  2. After studies I want to come back to USA, so can I transfer H1B Visa some other company after my studies.
  3. If I initiate my GC again after my studies (once I am back in US), can I port my GC priority date?



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