H1 B Guadalajara visa processing time


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I am planning to go to Guadalajara Mexico for my visa re-stamping in late july. I was hoping to do ASC on Monday and then consulate on Tuesday but the appointments are not available in that sequence so I had to do ASC (tues) and consulate (wed 10 am) - now I was wondering when I should buy the return ticket for ? i.e. will the passport be available at the dhl pickup place the same day or the next day ? Please advice so I can then buy tickets accordingly. Thanks !

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Can you brief me about your visa experience? What questions did they ask? How long was the processing time?  

I just got my H1-B approved by USCIS after working on OPT for one year. Now I'm planning to go to Guadalajara for visa stamping. I have studied in the same city as part of the exchange semester and was wondering if it will be safe to get the first time stamping there? 



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