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Hello Members


I have finished 3.5 years on my H1B


I work for a firm that does business solely with the federal government. While they said its usual for them to do GC for positions like mine while hiring me, they have been non-committal and always saying that it will be done in the future. (same is true of many other colleagues on H1B). 


I see the online records and I see they have done 2-10 GCs on an average every year (the company has about 7500 employees and gets  25-30 people on H1B every year).


Is there a reason federal consulting companies don't do GCs easily ? perhaps reflects badly on them if they hire a lot of foreign talent ?


I am talking about a new job to another company (also a federal contractor but much larger, my work area has less of other options), but I wanted to know if there are such hidden agendas that they are not transparent about.


its their prerogative of course, I just hope they are more transparent about such policies if there is such a reason.



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It is possible that most of their jobs are desired by US workers and any PERM for one of these would not go through. There are other reasons that a company could not pursue PERM. They may have also have filed and expended all the money for a GC for an individual who left at the earliest opportunity thus tainting all future applications.  No company is required to file for a GC for any guest worker.

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