H1B Ext. and Approved I-140 in EB2


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I have an approved I-140 from company A then I moved to comnpany B and 6 years on my H1 got over in Feb 2013 but since I had an approved I-140 I got 3 years extension till July 2015 on my H1.


I moved back to India for some personal issues in May 2013, it was a transfer to company B's office in India. I am planning to go back to US sometime next Jan-Feb 2015. 


I was told that as long as I have an approved I-140 I will keep on getting 3 years extensions on my H1.


Is it true that if the priority date is current I don't get 3 years extensions on my H1B? This is important especially now with the recent movements of the dates. My priority date is Jan 2010.


Any help on this would be highly appreciated.



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