H1B Visa extension approved from Oct 2014, Current H1 expires in Sept 2014. When can I apply for Visa stamping?


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My H1b Visa renewal was approved and the paperwork states that the approval notice is from Oct 2014 until Sep 2017 and My current H1 Visa is valid till Sep 2014. when Can I apply for Visa stamping, in the current H1 period (valid till Sep 2014) or with the newly approved H1 (after Oct 2014).


What if I apply for Visa stamping with my current H1, which is valid till Sep 2014 will the stamping carry forward to next H1 period.



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You can apply for visa stamping now.  In your DS-160 specify the petition details of the extended petition.


I did this before. During your interview you need to carry both petition (current and the extended one). Make sure you let the consular official know that you have two petitions.


You will get visa till the end of the extended petition.

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stamping they will do if you show them new approved I 797 but if you go out of country before sep 2014 and do stamp and come back you may get I-94 only till sep 14 so you may have to again exit the country and reenter again for new h1. so recommended for you is go after october and come back with new stamp unless its urgent !!!

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Thanks for your reply guys.


So, you were telling I will get Stamping till extended period (Sep 2017) if I show my both I797 forms at US embassy. But I94 may get till Sep 2014 at port of entry while I am entering US.


Suggest me...

                I have a plane to travel India in the month of Oct / Nov with this my I94 will be updated correct

                Do you want me to wait till Oct to start my new H1 and then go for stamping.

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