How to apply for Canada TRV


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Hello All,


I had Canada TRV visa which got expired last month, now for my new H1b visa extension I'm planning to get Canada TRV again.


Previously I applied in person at NY but now looks like things have changed and we can apply online only, is it so?


Can somebody please help me how to apply online with step by step procedure, I tried and it is quite confusing for me?


Thank you in advance


Please help me out.




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go to CSC website and its clear on how to apply...


first you need to register and complete an application and they will giove you an application ID


after paying the fee you should upload the documents they ask photo and bank statemnets and all...


its pretty easy....


you can email me at


my email is my display name

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can you please let me know the passport submission office in New York for Canada Visa.


I have applied online and they sent me message to submit the passport for visa stamping.


do you guys now the address where to send the passport.


I sent it to 1251 Avenue of Americas address but they returned it back .sent a letter saying that they no longer accepts applications by mail.


Thank you,


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