Condition removal denied - never got the letter - travel abroad


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I filed for condition removal on my green card last September and I got confirmation that my petition was received, I kept checking the case status (for 2 different receipt numbers I have) online and one hasnt moved from Initial Review for 9 months, the 2nd one "could not be found." Just yesterday I got a letter saying that my petition was denied because I never responded to "additional evidence request" but I never got a letter asking for it. 

It looks like now I need to file a petition to reopen my case (filing fee $630) which takes 6 months to make the decision. 


I called USCIS and the person with whom I spoke filed for an expedited administrative error. 

The problem is that I have ticket to travel outside the U.S in three weeks. 

Has anybody ever heard of that kind of situation? Any help? What can I do to leave the country and be able to come back? 

Thanks for any help!

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