H1B - Visa Stamping in Kingston, Jamaica


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      I have an approved F1 Visa valid through 11/2014 for "University X" and after arrived to US, I have transferred my SEVIS to "University Y" and I also graduated from "University Y".


My employer premium filed initial H1B petition and get approved from USCIS, which is good until 09/2014. Also, Premium filed H1B Extension petition and waiting for USCIS approval. For H1B extension, the dates were mentioned in LCA for the period 09/2014 - 09/2017. I am hoping, H1B Extension will get approved for the duration as per LCA. I am planning to go to Kingston, Jamaica for visa stamping in July, 2014 as soon as I received my H1B extension approval.


When I am completing the DS-160 form online, I can only enter one H1 petition receipt number not both. My question is, Which H1B petition receipt number (Initial H1B or H1B extension) that i have to enter in DS-160 form?

I am assuming, If I entered my Initial H1B, my visa will stamped until 09/2014. I will get hardly 2.5 months visa and I can travel to US. If I entered my H1B extension receipt number, my visa will be stamped for the period  09/2014 - 09/2017. In this case, I can't enter into US till 09/2014. I have never been stamped for H1 except F1.


Please share your thoughts if anyone experienced this situation in the past.

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