H1B Reaffirmed but new passport


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My husband had applied for a h1b interview with a passport no "xxxxxx1". He got 221g and the later his application was sent to USCIS for revocation. After a year he received the reaffirmation from USCIS. And now he has to submit his documents in the drop box.

Problem is in this one year his passport was renewed since we moved house and his passport was due to expire. Now he has a new passport number. His original HDFC receipt has the old passport number. Does he have to pay the fees again and get a new receipt? or

should he submit the old passport as well.

Also we are not sure if he has to submit the HDFC receipt in the drop box

Kindly guide we are really confused since the VFS also does not respond to the emails.

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I have a 221(g) yellow in progress based on my old passport. Since my passport was expiring in august starting march no other country was giving me visas as they require 6 months validity for issuing visas. And I have been doing work in asia/europe while stuck on 221(g).

I applied and received a new passport (very painful as didnt have much record in India). In April my number appeared in the list and I submitted both passports. The passports was returned with another 221(g) yellow but now if I call the DOS visa office they have no record of my old passport, they can pull up my status based on the new passport only.

Bottomline, submit both and they will automatically update to your new passport. No need to refill HDFC, you dont have to submit it either unless they ask you.

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