Medical I-693 question - Various dates in I-693


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I apologize if this has been posted before, I searched and could not find any similar posts.

This is regarding my medical form I-693. My PD is current in July bulletin and am getting ready to file AOS.


I got a sealed I-693 and a copy of it yesterday from the civil surgeon and have a question on the dates printed in the form.


Part 2. Summary of Medical Examination - Date of First Examination = 06/17/2014.

Part 3. Civil Surgeon's Certification - Date Signed = 06/17/2014.


The Date Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) was applied is 06/17/2014 and Date TST Read is 06/19/2014.


Is it fine to have Civil' Surgeon's Date Signed as 06/17/2014 when the TST follow up was actually done on 06/19/2014? Would that not indicate surgeon pre-signed the I-693 before verifying TST results? The test was negative, so no further action was needed.


Is there any cause for concern here that I should get Civil Surgeon Date Signed corrected to 06/19/2014? It's an easier fix now than possibly get an RFE.


Your response is deeply appreciated.


On another note, the surgeon's office had sealed the envelope with date 06/18/2014 which I made them change to 06/19/2014, as the TST follow up was done only on 06/19/2014. I did bring the concern about Civil Surgeon Signed Date to their attention, but they said we have given like that in the past for all cases from here, and no one ever reported any issue.



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