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H1B extension on I140 approval and COS

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Hello , 

Was on H1B for 6 years - Perm (EB2) didn't approve in time (before the end of my 6 years).

Didn't leave the country went on F1 and have been attending school for a semester. 


Now my I140 is approved and trying to get back on H1B (7th year extension based on Approved I140) through my employer which is a consulting firm and works on E_V_C model.


I just got a project at client site.


Question is how do i apply for a new H1B since : 

I work on EVC model i can't start working at client site without H1B & 

on other hand 

To get on H1B (since E_V_C model) the client WO , PO etc  has a start date of 'July1' which is like a week + 2 days during which difficult to get the new LCA approved and file H1B & get EAC number.... 


I mean will be a issue if by chance my H1B don't get filed by July 1st to start as petition/WO will say start date July1 and say H1b filed on July3rd ....


It's a catch 22 situation. 


Please let me know how this can be made to work.




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