I 140 approved changing job for second time


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Hi, I have my I 140 approved on Nov 2011( in my 5th year of H1b) from my previous employer,then I moved to a new job on Nov 2012, when H1b was transferred to the  new employer, I got three year extention till oct 2015. Now my current employer has not started my G.C. processing. So I am planning to look out for a new job. There are few employers who are ready to do H1 transfer and G.C. processing as well.

So, my question is if my H1b is transferred to a new employer will I get 3 years extention from there on say till 2017 (from the date the H1 is transferred), since I have an approved I 140 from my previous employer or will I just get H1b until Oct 2015 . Thanks in advance

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