L1 + F1 + H1 duration

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Please advice me in the situation.


I have been working in USA from July 2010 -> Nov 2013 (41 month) on L1 visa, the visa has now expired. From Nov 2013 till now I am in India.


Now I am planning to attend the college(MS) in USA session starting in fall (Aug) 2014 on L1 visa.


Now the problem I am facing is that after my MS when I will move on H1 visa, how much time I would be left on H1B:

 -> Complete 6 years.

 -> OR would it be 6 years minus 41 months of L1,  Since I am not sure that being outside USA for around 9 months and then being on F1 visa will reset my L1+H1 counter ?


Please advice.









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