E1 Visa -I94 Extension


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Hi @all,


I am new here I am looking for peoples which was almost in the same situation like this or have some experience.


So, we here with an E1 Visa. I am the dependent from my husband.

Long story short.


I got a new Passport and my I94 Expired on 05/15/14 and because I didnt know what to do and figured it out very late I filed out the Form I539 really late and send it on 05/13/2014 to the USCIS


The accept it on 05/14/2014 one day before my I94 expired.


So, after that I saw I made some typemistakes and also wrote NONE in foreign address because for us germans we need to proof :


• Confirmation of deregistration ("Abmeldebescheinigung") from the German place of residence


Then I found two days ago in the Internet thats never good to put NONE in the foreign address. But I just want make everything right and dont lie because I have no foreign address.


So I send today a letter via express with my apologize and the address from my mother to the USCIS.


Now my question is the USCIS really so "bad" like all the lawyer say on the other websites?

I ask on a free site a lawyer if I am now in trouble and will they denied my appluication now.


What are your experience with the USCIS?

Will they ask if something unclear on the application or they harsh and send without asking a denied?


All the reading in the Internet make me really nervous and I was reading so often that they denied the extension for a I94



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