Visa stamping for H-1B while H-1B is being transferred


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I have H-1B with my current employer A and company B is preparing another H-1B to work for them. Company A do not know about H-1B being filed by Company B. Also, company A has also filed H-1B amendment which is with USCIS. Now, I have not stamped my H-1B for current employer A because I have not traveled international since I received approval. Now, in case, I want to travel to Canada for a week while company B is preparing new petition. Following questions I have:

1. Would there be any issue if I travel international while my petition from company B or my H-1B amendment from company A is being reviewed by USCIS?
2. I heard that it is not recommended to travel outside while any petition is in review with USCIS. What would be recommendation since I have one current H-1B on which I will get visa stamped but do not wish to have any impact on H-1B being prepared for company B?
3. Lets consider if I get approval for H-1B from company B before I travel to Canada. Will there be any issue for me for stamping?
I will appreciate any help. 
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