H1B Revoked after approval. Still on OPT. New employer yet to file a transfer.

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I had an approved H1B petition which would have been effective Oct 8 2015. I joined a new firm who is pprocessingthe transfer. I received a case update for the approved petition by my old employer that it was revoked.

"On June 19, 2014, the previous decision made on your case was revoked and we mailed you a notice explaining the decision."

My OPT is valid till April 2015. Will I still be able to transfer? Will I still be cap exempt if I have to apply for H1B?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi opt2h1bpro,


Could you please let me know if your H1B transfer has been approved. I am also in the same situation but mine is regular processing. So, just getting nervous and trying find if any one like us has decisions on their transfer yet. I would appreciate your information. Thank you. Looking forward to your reply.

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