Filing AOS - First name issue


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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can please guide me on this issue.


I am applying Adjustment of Status for my wife. In the H4 visa and on the I-94 her first name is mentioned as "FNU" (First name unavailable) 


When filing I-485, I-130 and I-765 should I also need to mention her First name as "FNU" or should I just leave that field blank?


My only concern in mentioning it as "FNU" is, I hope USCIS would not consider that as a real First name.

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First of all, I-94 gets filled out by the entrant, why would it have FNU?


Second, no, you are not applying for her. She is applying herself. She is not a child or your property.


Third. I guess that's a question for your wife - does she have a first name?

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I helped my wife fill the i-94 as FNU in her first name to match what's in visa. Thanks for reminding me that. 


I am helping her file the AOS application. Every question i translate to her because she cannot fully understand english. Padrone me, i said it in a wrong way that I am applying for her. Please do correct me if i say something wrong but do not judge me.


Her country doesn't have the last name concept, but at the time when we are filling the details of her visa, help desk in consulate suggested we put the first name of her's in the last name and put FNU in her first name.


yes she has a first name (Which is nothing but the last name in her visa). That's why it's confusing for us what she need to put in her first name now.


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Here is the problem - you are making decisions for her, not just translating... and sometimes decisions go bad. Just like the whole FNU in the I-94. That was a bad decision.


You try to "match" but you don't understand where you need to match and where not. Thus, you are taking an insignificant issue and have it spin out of control. You should stop and step aside.


You were not qualified to fill out her visa application. You were not qualified to fill out her I-94. These were easy documents. Based on this experience, you definitely don't qualify to fill out her I-485. Find an immigration lawyer who speaks her language. 

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