F1 visa to existing old H1B visa

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Good Afternoon.


I am a MBA Graduate in F1 visa status. I have an old H1B visa initiated from my previous employer prior to my MBA. Since I have recently finished my OPT period, I have 60 days timeline to transfer to H1B status or leave the country. I have now received an offer from a company and I have few questions listed below on my work status. 



1. How long does it take to receive approval for LCA? 

2. How long does it take to transfer to H1B visa from F1 status under normal and premium processing categories? 

3. Can I start working once I receive the H1B transfer application receipt since its a conversion from F1 visa to existing H1B visa? 

4. What are the documents required to transfer from F1 status to H1B visa?


Kindly clarify. I really appreciate your help on this. 


Thanks !

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