Successful Stamping at Vancouver - June 17th.


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I had successful Visa Stamping here at Vancouver today.


After verification of my Passport, DS160 Confirmation and I-797, I was sent to upper floor for Security Scanning and Ten printing. After that they issued me a token and send to 20th floor where the Visa interview takes place.


When my token number displays on the screen with window Number, I reached out there.


Me:- Good Morning. (Handing Over my Passport, DS160 Confirmation and I-797)


VO (Lady):- Good Morning. (ON looking at my I-797) I see that you are here for H1B. Please provide me your Client letter, Employer Letter and LCA.


ME:- (Provided those three Docs which I arranged them for easy access in my file)


VO:- Which is your client letter and which is your Employer letter.


Me:- Showed them.


VO:- How long have you been with client?


Me:- About ** Years and ** Months


VO:- How long have you been working with this Employer?


Me:- About ** Years and ** Months


VO:- Whats your salary?


Me:- $*****


(All this time she was talking to me and typing something. once in a while she looked at me and I was looking into eyes with a simple and confident smile.)


VO:- Storing my Passport, DS160 confirmation and I797, She said that I got approval and then handed me a Green Paper(Explains about Passport tracking) and a Pamphlet that explains about my Employee Rights. She explained about them and Wished me good Luck.


Me:- I thanked her and Collected my Documents and exited.


The interview time was approximately 90 Seconds. VO was very cool and my first impression is that she is there to approve.


There are only 3 H1B applicants today that I have seen.


Thanks You Murthy Forum for creating such a wonderful base for all. This forum helped em a lot in preparing for Visa Interview and my Documentation.


Regards and Good Luck for all future Applicants.





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