Visa stamping after H1 Transfer approval


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I am working with one company full time. and I have got offer from another company.


My old employer visa stamp is expired.


I would like to visit India after my H1 transfer approval from new company.


My question is, can I go out of country, after h1 transfer is completed ? 


Since I have not joined new company, I wont have latest paystubs And I will have approved I797 from new company. How I should go for visa stamping ? With new I797 and paystub from old company  ?




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You can appear for your Visa stamping with approve I797 and you must present the offer letter of your new company which should mention start date. 

Pay stub is only to validate that you are complying to H1B pay norms while you were in US, it is not mandatory required for your new employer. 

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