Do i have to go out of states if i stayed straight 6years partly on L1 & H1


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Hello admin


I have stayed in US for almost 6years straight, partly on L1, I-94 alone and then on H1, i.e., on L1 for 3years, and i was fortunate to have the I-94 stamped for 3 more years in the 3rd year of L1(when i was returning from my vacations) which allowed me to stay for 2 more years after my expiration of L1(if i do not move out of country). However, my company applied for my H1 in my 4th year of stay which got approved(for 2years only). Now, am about to complete 2years on H1 totalling to 6years of stay in US, i.e.,


1. 3years on L1 +

2. 1year just I-94 +

3. 2years on H1


I have received an email from my company to submit the documents for my H1 renewal, however, i am kind of skeptical if i will be given an extension, as i already have completed 6years(though it is not completely on H1). Is there a ruling or law that states a person have to go out of states if he completes 6 years staright(no matter what visa and how the visa, i-94 durations are split)? Any references will help.


Please let me know.



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