Successful Visa Stamping June 16- Jamaica - Very Important


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Hi Guys,


 I'm sharing my visa experience below. 


VO :  Hi

Me : Hello Sir, How are you?


VO: Fine, Give me your passport

Me: Done


VO: Who is your employer?

Me : xxxxxx


VO: Where is your employer company located?

Me: Provided my employer address


VO: Do you work at your employer location?

Me: No, I work at client location. 


VO: Where is your client located?

Me: xxxxxxxx.


VO: Who is your client?

Me: xxxxxx


VO: Did you do your masters?

Me: Yes, Sir.


VO: Where?

Me: ****** University.


VO: What's your major?

Me: Mechanical Engineering.


VO: How can you IT related job after having your degree in non-IT background.

Me: Tried to convince saying ..." did some software development during my final graduate project and also I've done come IT related courses during my Bachelors education."


VO: Can I see your transcripts.

Me: I've provided both my bachelors and masters transcripts. ( I did some IT courses after my bachelors degree and had my certificate handy.)


VO: He said "You're not eligible to work as you don't have enough skillset related to IT. (He almost rejected my visa).

Me: No, I do have IT related experience as I've done my courses. (Provided my IT traning certificate acquired after my bachelors degree).


VO: Where did you do these courses?

Me: In India.


VO: Can you give me your paystubs and W2s?

Me: Provided.

Visa officer was reviewing the documents for a brief moment (approximately 5 minutes).


VO: How much does your employer pay you?

Me: xxxxxxxxxx / year


He started reviewing my W2s. ( I previously worked for 3 different employers).


VO: Since when you're working for your current employer?

Me: 4 months


VO: And before?

Me: I was working for (employer3).


VO: Where is your (employer3) located?

Me: Answered.


VO: Next, where is your (employer2) located?

Me: Answered.


VO: Where is your employer (employer1) located?

Me: Answered.


VO: In total, how many employers did you work for?

Me: 4 (including current) and I worked for past 3 while I'm on my OPT.


He was looking into the system for about 10 mins.


VO: Why Jamaica?

Me: I've  4 PTOs and I'm here for vacation.


VO: Did you visit any places?

Me: Not yet, will visit in the next 2 days.


VO: When are you leaving back?

Me: Thursday.


VO: Your visa is approved. Please collect your passport on Wednesday.

Me: Thank you.


So, my interview took more than 30 minutes. For the people who are visiting Jamaica for Visa stamping, please have all your supporting documents handy. It's not that easy like we've heard from our friends. (If you've your education from non-IT background and don't have any supporting documents, I will recommend you guys to visit Jamaica). As I had my certificates related to IT courses I got my visa approved. I wasn't prepared for Visa denial when I reached hear. I suggest you guys think about your options.


All Then Best...


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