Process Grean Card in Chennai for my Parents - Father Bedridden - How Bring to USA

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I am planning to process GC for my Parents in Chennai Consulate. 
My father is around 83 but he is bedridden and not possible to speak also.
Whether my Father will get approval or not. 
if i want to process is it any special steps/any specific info .
If everything is ok , Is it any restriction by Airport/ Immigration/ Flight to bring my father from India to USA.
If any of you guys come accross pl help to provide info to proceed further.


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A GC for someone who might become a public charge can be a problem.  Your father certainly fits in that category. How will he be able to visit the civil surgeon for his medical exam if he is bedridden?


You will have difficulty finding medical care for someone in his condition in many communities. How do you intend to pay the costs of care for him in either your home or a nursing home? You are looking at around $7000 per month and up depending on your location). That does not include prescriptions and other needs. He will not be able to receive government funded care for many years


An airline can refuse to transport someone.  If he is bedridden, do you intend to pay the multi tens of thousands of dollars for medevac flight? Twelve years ago it cost me $11,000 to fly someone 1/2 way across the US - and they were not bedridden just needed nursing assistance while in flight.


I think you are foolish to try this. IMO, you will hasten his death with any move.  If you need to care for him, since you are a USC, you need to consider relocating to his community until he dies.


You also should consult an immigration attorney.

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Be practical. Do you really think it will be a good idea for him to come over to the US at this advanced age and in such poor health?? Let him remain in India for the rest of his life. He can be provided with good nursing facilities at a fraction of what it would cost in the US. 

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