Need Urgent Info on H1B Visa Agreement with Employer

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Hello Everyone,


I have been here in US from last few months on H1B visa. My Employer is a California based IT Consultancy Company.


My employer asked me to sign One year Agreement, which is totally wrong. They did not inform about this agreement while filing visa, last year.


I am working on a project now and there is chance for me to go on Full time employment with another Company who is willing to transfer my visa.


My question is, what is the significance of such Agreements in US as it is just a piece of paper signed ? Should it be on any legal government bond to get importance here ?


I have attached the images of agreement between us. If I break this agreement I will have to pay $ 6825 which is too high as they did not invest this much money on my visa and on me. They just provided initial shared accommodation for 2 months and they have already recovered that money from my salaries.


If I leave this employer in 11th month then also I need to pay whole money $ 6825 which is not logical at all. Sometimes I think I need to pay some amount to maintain good relation between us if it would have been reducing as per time. e.g. after 6 month employee need to pay half, something like that.


Could you please go through the attached agreement and give your valuable suggestion on should I go and break this agreement or not ? It would helpful for me to take further decision.


Your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


: there is no option to upload agreement images.

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It is not illegal for an employer to ask an employee to sign an employment agreement. Who told you it was wrong?


It may or may not be enforceable. You must have it and all other employment documents reviewed by an attorney.


You were willing to sign anything to get the job and a visa so you signed before having it reviewed by an attorney before signing. NEVER sign a contract you do not intend to comply with.


There is no such thing as special paper for legal documents in the US.


You need to do what you should have done before signing, PAY an attorney for a review. No attorney is going to look at it for free.


Remember, you are not bound to honor the contract since the US does not permit slavery; however, they may be financial consequences for failure to comply.


BTW,  for someone who signed a contract not understanding it or intending to comply, you are making many erroneous statements.

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