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Hi All


I have applied H1B extension(Premium processing) on May 29 2014 and got a RFE on June 12 2014.


RFE says:


1)Need to submit pay statements from oct 2006 to may 29 2014

2)Beneficiary has reached  a total of six years in H1B.Please submit proof -Labor or PERM documents..


My story-


1)I got visa on Mar 2007 through india based company and entered USA on July 2007.I worked until apr 2009 and after that moved to india and continued in the same 

company in india.Before moving to india i transfered my h1 to a consulting company in usa and it got approved.


-July 2007 to Apr 2009(First trip)


2)I resigned from india based company and based on transferred pettion -US based consulting company i got visa on apr 2011 .I travelled to usa on May 2011 and worked

until apr 2012.In between i applied H1B extn and petition & visa got approved until sep 2014.


Due to personal reasons,i moved back to india and joined in india based company.


-May 2011 to Apr 2012(Second trip)



3)Again i travelled to USa on Sep 2013 and working in usa till now.


-Sep 2013 to til now.




1)As per my understanding,i havenot crossed 6 hrs in USA .Submitted passport copies and Entry and exit dates might have mentioned in I129 suppl.doc.I dont know why 

USCIS mentioned like this and dont know USCIS intention.

Any inputs?


2)Why are they asking pay slips instead of W2 forms?becasue i am not able to find payslips(2007 to 2009) in ADP.



3)I have valid visa until Sep 2014.Can i transfer My H1 to another company if my H1 extn denied before Sep 2014? and anyother solutions.


4)During 2nd and 3rd trip,it took 3-5 weeks to find a project for me in usa..during that period,i didnt get any payslip ..Will this cause any issue?


Howlong can H1B's legally  stay in US without payslip run?


Appreciate your help on this.





Requesting your suggestions on this.



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