Not filed 2011 Tax, Applied for H1 this year


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I was in US for 4 years from 2008 to 2011 and came back to my own country in Jan,2012.

I filled my 2011 tax with 1 of the online company but they prepared my tax, I paid them fees but after paying fees they stopped responding, they kept on saying they are working on it and finally after 7 months, I filed a complain with my Credit Card company and they helped me get my fee back in around September 2012. I tried 1 more local company but they were not replying properly.

So I decided that I will pay my taxes with due fines when I will go back to US in couple of years.I had filled 1st 3 yrs of taxes on time. I probably own some for 2011. I am ready too but didn't got a way to file tax safely from India.


My company has filed H1 for me this year and I am selected in Lottery and yesterday status changed to RFE. I havnt received RFE so don't know the reason.


My questions is, Will this impact USCIS decision of approving/denying H1 to me? Do they really check this? Also will this have come to my Credit history also?


Help very much appreciated.. I didn't disclosed to my Attorney at the time of filling thinking they might revoke my application.

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File taxes NOW. It is not hard to do yourself. There are online places and you pay money due with a credit card. Save yourself the money as the penalties and interest on unpaid penalties add up quickly.  If you think US immigration is bad, get crosswise with the IRS and you are in deep trouble. USCIS is unlikely to know about your failure to file, Same with your credit report. IRS is not supposed to share this information with other agencies (they are now and it is a concern as to whether this is legal). However, your return to US and new filings will likely remind IRS that you have not filed and they will have your current address.


If you worked only part of a year in the US, you may be due a refund.

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