H1B Stamping Experience-Mumbai


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Hello ALL


here is my H1b stamping experience @Mumbai..


Background :- currently in my 8th year of H1 and only 6 months left.


Vo:- which company you work for?


Vo :- What's highest level of educiton you have?


Vo:- are you working for your company or at Client location?


Vo :- where is your client located ? which state?


Vo :- how much they are giving?


Vo:- please go through this document which tells about your rights in US..


Vo:- i am approving your visa but we need to verify some documents ...Please go to counter XX..

Not sure what could have caused verification.....On that counter already 3-4 ppl are there who was asked to do the same...



On that counter...they asked for education related documents....little worried as this was for the 3rd time with the same employer who is in Fortune 100....

After 10 mins they come back and gave the document back and says you will the pp in 3-5 days...


Did not ask any question to spouse....


please let me know if anyone has any question....


New consulate is very nice and big and processing rate of the applicaiton is very fast....only bad thing is ...they don't have any personal booth meaning...while waiting in the line you can hear all the conversation....




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Hi Nisha,


Thanks for this post. Could you please let us know, what was your answer for question, what’s highest level of education you have?


What did they checked for education documents? Original or photocopies? Also, you have mentioned there were 3-4 peoples who were waiting before you on the next counter. Is it something they check with Visa renewal applicants or random or with fresh new applicant too. (Just need to know your observation)


The reason I am asking all this information because I am planning to attend Mumbai consulate for my Visa renewal along with my family.

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1) what did you answer to the following question?

what’s highest level of education you have?


2) What did they checked for education documents? Original or photocopies? 

3) were they checking education documents of all h1b applicants or just random?

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1) for highest level of eduction...i provide the course which i completed which will not be true for others....I have masters in my field.

2) they did not ask for anything special .....it's upto you what you provide....i know one ppl has provided their 10th and 12th marksheet as well....i provided my both original degree certificate


3) Not sure on that....even i am confused what has triggered in my case....




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