OPT - Paid only for 16 hours for 3 weeks of work. Counts as unemployment?

Rajagopal Ram

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I am currently on OPT and working with a consultancy (contract). I'll be switching to a different company (full-time) starting Jun 23rd.

For the month of June - My current employer is going to pay me only for 16 hours (2 days of work) since that is the actual duration of work with the client. I was relieved from my client on Jun4th - making it 2 days of work (jun 3rd and jun 4th)

I've requested my current employer to run the payroll for 20 hours each for Jun 2nd and 3rd week but I am not sure if they'd agree.

My question is -
1) Will the period - Jun5th to Jun 22nd be counted towards unemployment if my payroll with my current employer showed only 16 hours or work for June??
2) or is it okay if I just got a work certificate from my current employer mentioning that I worked until Jun 22nd (irrespective of how many hours I am paid for)?

Please help me out with some suggestions as to how I should manage this situation.



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How do you both conclude that it's a fake document that I will be producing. I just said I won't be paid for some period of my work (In fact I just figured out from my company that I WILL be paid, albeit a reduced rate).


I do work for a legitimate software consulting company and will continue to work on internal projects, which is the reason I was not relieved even though the work at the client's end was over. That's how the company works!!!

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