Need clarification related to multiple H1-B's when going to Stamping


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I have related to my H1-B stamping. I actually applied for two H1-B applications one with my current employer and other one with a
different employer X. I currently have my visa approved with employer X but the one with my current employer is still pending due to RFE.
And I am on OPT and in my Cap gap !-20 I have the info of the current employer on top and in the bottom the H1-B details are related
to other employer I guess my sevis was updated with that so when a new I-20 was generated that is how it came up.Is this going to be a 
Another important thing I wanted to know is I am planning to go out of country around Oct 1st and go to stamping with my current
employer petition once that is approved because that is full time and I have all the documents including SOW,Client letter etc.
So in case the other employer still did not recall that H1-B application till October even after I tell him to will this be a problem 
for me at the time of stamping?. I am really worried that if this might cause any confusion to the office because he might find two
approved petions  on my name once I go for stamping in that case what is going to happen will get a query that another application 
need to be recalled. Can someone help me here.
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